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Super High School Level Swimmer. As a member of the Future Foundation, Aoi wears a modified version of the standard female business suit, featuring a green tie and shorts instead of a skirt.

Under her suit jacket and dress shirt, she wears a white tank top. She still wears her hair in a ponytail, but it is considerably longer indicating her hair has grown over the years.

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Aoi is a friendly girl to the other classmates during the Killing School Life, being the first person to offer to introduce themselves to Makoto Naegi. She can be quite air-headed, such as trying to write down Makoto's name on her hand despite lacking a pen. Although not unintelligent by any means, she has a tendency to jump to conclusions and take things at face value, which leaves her vulnerable to misdirection in Class Trials. Prone to getting emotional, Aoi has a strong sense of belief in her friends, giving her a powerful desire to protect them.

This is especially seen especially regarding the issue of death; she cried over the death of Hifumi while holding his head in her chest, and had difficulty accepting Kyoko Kirigiri 's supposed death in Danganronpa 3. She can be quite temperamental at times, such as being disgusted when Celeste revealed her motive for killing Kiyotaka and Hifumi.

In Chapter 4, she tried to have everyone killed, including herself, after the death of Sakura, after being tricked by the Mastermind into believing she killed herself in a fit of despair; due to the note she read, she believed everyone, including herself, to be responsible for the Ultimate Martial Artist's death.

Despite being an athlete, she also really enjoys sweet foods, such as obsessing over donuts and monopolizing the sweet jar in Chapter 4. She is often hungry and at one time threatened to hit Makoto when hungry in one of her Free Time events. She often quotes famous sports people and their inspirational quotes before Free Time Events.

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Her final Free Time sequence reveals Aoi's insecurity about not being feminine enough due to her being an athlete. She is also secretly a fan of Jason Statham. In Danganronpa 3Aoi is the mood-maker. While still a bit air-headed, she has also retained her positive outlook.

She is seen very willing to take action to help her friends, like carrying Makoto and trying to fight threats. She is also very affectionate towards her friends, as she is seen hugging Kyoko. While she is not as strong as more experienced fighters, Aoi is perfectly capable of holding her own in a fight.

This was shown when she and Juzo Sakakura engaged in a fight with weapons; she managed to dodge most of his attacks, and even pinned his weapon to the ground. Though it is worth noting that Juzo's fighting abilities were limited due to his NG code and he didn't possess much skill in weapon combat. Due to her athletic background, Aoi is much stronger than her petite frame suggests. She has been shown to run at top speed for extended periods of time while carrying Makoto around on her back, and she easily moved a large piece of furniture that Makoto and Ryota Mitarai couldn't even budge when working together.

Ever since elementary school, Aoi has broken records for every swimming contest she had entered. She was very close to her younger brother, Yuta. During the Tragedy, Jin Kirigiri, the Headmaster of the Academy, planned to seal the school building and let the students live forever inside the Academy in order to protect them from the destruction outside.

His plan was agreed upon by the class, and they sealed the building together and lived peacefully inside it for a year without knowing that the Ultimate Despair members were already in their midst.

The true Ultimate Despair took away the 78th Class' school memories so they could participate in the Killing School Life. When Makoto goes to meet Aoi, she immediately forgets his name. She then states she forgot how "Naegi" is spelled and promises to look it up later. After Monokuma opened the shelters to the third floor, Aoi seemed pretty excited when she found out about the swimming pool. However, nobody wanted to accompany her to go swimming.

The next morning, Aoi was temporarily absent from the usual meeting under the excuse of not feeling well. When she went to the Cafeteria to eat donuts, the others just happened to return from their investigation.Super High School Level Programmer. As a teen genius, Chihiro became famous for creating cutting-edge programs, to the point that he started developing top-secret AI programs for an unnamed company.

Due to him resembling a "timid little bunny" and because he was believed to be a femalehe gained several fans. This student is implied to be Chihiro. Chihiro found an unsigned email that was sent to the Reserve Course students, saying that 15 students had gone missing and 13 of them were dead. Chihiro is first seen by Makoto when he entered the main hall. When attempting to ask if they're all new students, Chihiro agreed. Aoi Asahina suggested they all introduce themselves, and when Chihiro did so, he admitted he found it embarrassing.

Chihiro seemed to recognize Makoto and asked if they had met before, but Makoto denied it.

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Chihiro apologized because he assumed Makoto was upset with him, but Makoto reassured him that he wasn't. The students soon became forced into the Mutual Killing Game.

As a motive to murder in order to escape, the students were each given a DVD featuring a video from Monokuma which implied that their loved ones were in danger.

Chihiro's video featured his father. During the investigation, Chihiro stayed in the gym so that he wasn't alone. As a result, Chihiro never saw the crime scene. Makoto asks Chihiro about the numberswhich Sayaka had seemingly written on the bathroom wall, but Chihiro explained that it isn't a programming term.

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When Leon was later executed after the class trial, Chihiro thought that he and the other students were no better than Leon, since they indirectly murdered Leon by voting him as the culprit. When Byakuya Togami was found in the library after his sudden disappearance, he began to bully Chihiro, causing Mondo to interject that it was unfair to bully the weak. Although well-intentioned, Mondo's statement greatly demoralized Chihiro.

The next morning, the students gathered in the Cafeteria. Chihiro, still feeling down due to the events that transpired the day before, began crying after Mondo's argument with Kiyotaka Ishimaru. Taken aback by Chihiro's reaction, Mondo immediately regretted his action and gave him "a man's promise" to protect him from any danger.

This touched Chihiro's heart so much that it inspired him to take action and become stronger, in order not to become a burden on the others. In order to become stronger, Chihiro said he would start working out. Sakura Ogami and Aoi asked him to go to the gym room to work out together.

However, Chihiro declined their invitation in fear of having his secret revealed. He also brought the broken laptop that the group found in the library with him. Ultimately, that intense jealousy turned into murderous anger, and Mondo hit Chihiro in the head with a dumbbell, killing him. Mondo realized he had to move Chihiro out of the boys' locker room in order to guard Chihiro's secret, and so carried his body into the girl's locker room, which he opened using Sayaka's discarded e-Handbook.

He then swapped the contents of the locker rooms so that it appeared Chihiro had been murdered in the girl's locker room.Whenever he thinks about this behaviour, he feels extremely embarrassed, and so he tries hard to conceal this part of his past from others. He enrolled into a different high school than everyone else from his middle school. He later develops romantic feelings for Rikka, and the two start going out near the end of season 1.

Other friends are Makoto Isshikiwho sits behind him in class, and Shinka Nibutaniwho also has a history of Chunibyo behaviour. Yuuta lives with his family which consists of his mother and two younger sisters, Yumeha and Kuzuha. Yuuta Togashi has short brown hair which falls into a slight fringe, green eyes and a slightly tanned complexion. He is most often seen throughout the series in the standard school uniform of a white dress shirt, tan coloured sweater, a striped red school tie, and the standard school blazer.

Outside of school he generally wears jeans with either a jacket or hoodie, except in special cases where a change of wardrobe is appropriate such as during summer vacation. Yuuta is usually very kind and treats everyone well; however, when someone mentions his 8th grader syndrome, he can become pretty aggressive towards the person, who is usually Rikka, Dekomori and Kumin.

He is also diligent and responsible, often being the voice of reason in the group. He is a warrior that mastered the ways of handling dark flames.

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DFM usually wields a large sword on his right hand and wears a black coat. His aim is to rule the world and his catchphrase is "Vanish into the embrace of dark flames!

DFM vows to never loosen the "cursed bandage" on his right arm because doing so will unleash the Black Flame Dragon to the world. DFM always wears gothic clothes, ranging from a black belted jacket to dark black belted pants. He has also been seen wearing a long black coat with fur shoulder pads. His weapon of choice is often his large sword but he also has a shotgun at his disposal assumed to be airsoft since firearms are illegal in Japan.

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Categories :. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Episode 01 - An Encounter with Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Volume 1. Jun Fukuyama. Leraldo Anzaldua. Personal Info. Kuzuha Togashi younger sister Yumeha Togashi youngest sister Mrs.

Togashi mother Mr. Togashi father Rikka Takanashi girlfriend.Komaru is a teenager around high school age, who is described in the Danganronpa 1. She has short, dark brown hair with a tint of green, and desaturated green eyes. She also sports an ahoge, similar to that of her brother's, which developed as she grew.

Overall, she is described as very plain-looking and "normal", which seems to be the same way people describe her brother. In Danganronpa Another Episodeshe is revealed to be wearing the St. Koa Girls Academy uniform, which is a sailor fuku with a white blouse, a red necktie, and a turquoise collar, line trim, and skirt.

There's a school crest on the bottom right of the back of the collar, necktie, shirt pocket and the outer sides of socks. Prior to the TragedyKomaru had a cheerful and optimistic personality, somewhat similar to her brother.

She loved Makoto, telling her brother to do his best while enrolled at Hope's Peak Academy. She wavers between hope and despair as a result of her forced imprisonment. She doesn't want to have strong hope, because she believes it will be lost eventually, leading to worse despair. She has low self-esteem, considering herself boring, ordinary and weak. Komaru shows some childish traits, such as being naive, reliant, and easily excitable. She is also very gullible, which is revealed when Toko says certain things that are obviously false, and Komaru easily believes them to be true.

Though, she once tried to claim she has lots of experience with dating and sex because she was afraid Toko might make fun of her.

It's been stated that in the past some creepy guys have taken interest in her, supposedly because of her gullibility, and it's been shown that she isn't very good at noticing their intentions. While a kind person, Komaru sometimes has a hard time relating to certain people and subjects, because she herself has lived a very ordinary life. For example, at first she has a very poor understanding of Toko's disorder and assumes it has something to do with two people's souls switching in a car accident, supposedly because she has only heard about the subject from highly unrealistic manga.

However, she herself has a few very unusual traits as well, including her strange favorite foods and her apparent ability to sense ghosts.

However, she doesn't seem to think these traits are anything unusual. Despite sometimes giving up too easily, there are other times which Komaru shows how stubborn and determined she can be.

However, she has a weakness in complicated subjects such as basic computer science, but she does have moments where she is intuitive.

In Future Arc Komaru is shown to be more confident in herself and is now quite skilled at fighting off Monokumas. Although still a bit childish at times, she can also be serious when needed. Komaru lived a normal life with her parents and brother, though she states she could see ghosts ever since she was a kid.

She sometimes didn't get along with her brother, but the two watched TV together, as well as shared thoughts on manga they both read. In a typical day with Komaru and her family, her mother would always watch the same talk show at lunchtime, and her dad wouldn't shave his beard on Saturday when he didn't have to work.

She, like everyone else, had witnessed the Tragedy that plummeted the entire world into despair. During that event, she lost seven of her classmates during one of the many accidents resulting from the Tragedy and her friend Chieko disappeared. She kept telling herself that everything would be alright, but realized how hopeless it was when a group of unknown men attacked her house, separated her from her parents, and confined her in an apartment complex in Towa City when she was still a middle schooler.

Because she had no communication or connections to the outside world besides the food given to her everyday by her kidnappersshe had no idea about the mutual killing that her brother was involved in and the existence of Monokuma. She describes her life as being completely confined in the room.Images in this category may be from various sources such as CD covers, promotional images, magazine scans and music video screen shots.

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HKD Kazuhara Ryuto. HKD Komori Hayato. HKD Nakatsuka Yuta. HKD Sano Reo. HKD Sekiguchi Mandy. HKD Shirahama Alan. Hot Shot by Generations CD. Hot Shot by Generations Music Card.This dossier section is intended to be an exact copy of what the survivor Helenathe author of the dossiers has written. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creatures.

The Yutyrannus saevus is believed to be related to the Tyrannosaurus rex, but it is noticeably different upon first glance. Feathered creatures are not necessarily viewed as dangerous predators in the same light as other theropods. However, the Yutyrannus strikes fear into even the Island's most skilled hunters. There are few wild predators that are able to pack-hunt alongside the generally hostile Carnotaurus, like the Yutyrannus does, with such ease.

It is also the only creature I've seen to consistently induce a state of panic in opponents with its roar. Upon hearing it, most creatures in the area will flee for safety. A domesticated Yutyrannus can be a powerful offensive or defensive addition to war parties. With its mighty roar, it can induce fear in opposing creatures.

Meanwhile, Yutyrannus can be trained to develop a confidence-boosting Battle-Cry which counteracts enemy attempts to induce fear, while also bolstering the resolve of allies, and may even draw wild Carnotaurus to its aid. These unique "leadership" qualities make the Yutyrannus a versatile, and at times, a necessary creature to have on your side during large-scale confrontations! The Yutyrannus is highly aggressive, killing anything it comes across, excluding Carnos.

Approach with caution, as the Yutyrannus has a roar ability that can make tamed mounts become unsettled and bolt, regardless of commands, often taking the mounted rider with it. Yutyrannus is a large carnivorous dinosaur that has a long head, a low ridge across its snout, and a pair of horns above its eyes. Its body is covered in thick downy feathers and unlike its larger relative, the Rex, it has long arms with three clawed fingers. This section displays the Yutyrannus's natural colors and regions.

For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Yutyrannus. The colored squares shown underneath each region's description are the colors that the Yutyrannus will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID. Type in values of a wild creature to see on which stats it's emphasized.

Green values on a high-level creature are very good for breeding. If you have already tamed your creature you can try to recover the breeding-stats with an external tool. The stat-calculator does not work in the mobile-view, see here for alternatives: Apps. Note that after the creature is tamed it gets bonuses on some stats depending on the taming effectiveness.

This makes it hard to retrieve the levels on a tamed creature, so this tool is only for wild onesbut gives a first impression, how well the stats are distributed. Never engage the Yutyrannus head on. Its roar will cause all dinos, except for GiganotosaurusRexSpinoWyvernBrontoRock ElementalAlpha Creatures, Bosses, or water creatures, tamed or untamed, to run away from it, even if being ridden.

Buffed Carnotaurus is a signal of the presence of Yutyrannus, which can be easily seen from afar. Use a fast mount that can outrun the Yutyrannus. Get the Yutyrannus at the bottom of a steep cliff, get on top of the outcropping, and start shooting. A Tapejara or a Quetzal can be a more versatile alternative to the cliff strategy if there are no cliffs, or the Yutyrannus starts moving.

Lure the Yutyrannus into water. Using a flyer works best, just quickly attack it and go land on a nearby iceberg to where it is forced to swim and can't climb up. Be wary that the Yutyrannus may still be able to hit you, and knock you off the iceberg into the waterwhere you can't get back up.

If you have a high damage Argentavisyou can to fly towards the Yuty to get it to roar, then fly above it to avoid the AoE of the roar. You can kill it without your mount being scared, just watch out for if it starts to roar again. The Roar ability will call wild Carnos to fight for the Yutyrannus as well as scare your dinos into an uncontrollable retreat. Also, many dinos will be near the Yutyrannus such as dire wolves, Carnos, etc.

Bring protection dinos to keep it and you alive from these outside threats.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. His heart stammered at the sound, concern stubbornly tightening his chest. He was so used to her confident, assured tone.

There they sit, side by side, reading the rest of the day away, with nothing but the feelings they share. Yuta and the others are stranded in a hot spring hotel in the middle of winter.

When things start heating up between two of the seven, they discover that pain isn't the only sensation they can all share. I just forgot my ID is all. The waiter seemed unfazed and just offered him a blank stare. Bring me your manager, I want to talk some sense into him about hiring competent employees who have eyes and can tell whether a person is of legal drinking age or not.

Do you want to get us kicked out? None of us are twenty! On a dreadful night, Chidori runs into someone who will always be a step behind here no matter where she runs, her stalker. He proves to be more than just a simple stalker which demands Chidori to seek desperate help.

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The Kiznaivers, in order to ensure her safety, agree it's the best for her to go hiding, but where? Tenga then decides he will take Chidori's stalker conflict into his own hands and provides a place for him to protect Chidori and keep her hidden.

The thing is Tenga's destination turns out to be a place he attempts to erase from his mind, his home only filled with bitter family. Sometimes sacrifices are made to protect the one you love. She could tell he was nervous, and the thought excited her.

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